Kindle Fire Stopped Playing Videos

Kindle Fire Stopped Playing Videos. I have noticed an issue with the new 2019 fire hd 10 tablet when using the youtube app. My kindle fire doesn't have sound!

Just Julie » 2010 » May
Just Julie » 2010 » May from

You should still check the volume rocker by turning it up, in case it was. What do i do to get my groove, well, sound back?make sure it isn't isn't muted. It cuts out the video.

Just Julie » 2010 » May

To play it safe, you can remove the case altogether when using headphones. I have to turn the fire back on. Your kindle fire may be trying to play multiple videos at the same time so clearing all data in the video application will eliminate any logjams preventing you from streaming. A tap on apps and then on store loaded the store interface on the device.